Thursday, 20 November 2014

Boxing & UnBoxing In C#

C# is a strongly-typed language. Every variable and constant has a type, as does every expression that evaluates to a value. In this article I will share about understanding Boxing and UnBoxing in C#.
C# Type System contains three Types , they are Value Types , Reference Types and Pointer Types. C# allows us to convert a Value Type to a Reference Type, and back again to Value Types . The operation of Converting a Value Type to a Reference Type is called Boxing and the reverse operation

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

View State In Asp.Net

  1. View state is the method that the ASP.NET page framework uses to preserve page and control values between round trips. When the HTML markup for the page is rendered, the current state of the page and values that must be retained during post back are serialized into base64-encoded strings.
  2. When an ASP.NET page is submitted to the server, the state of the controls is encoded and sent to the server at every form submission in a hidden field known as

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What is Session State In Asp.Net

  1. ASP.NET session state enables you to store and retrieve values for a user as the user navigates ASP.NET pages in a Web application. HTTP is a stateless protocol. This means that a Web server treats each HTTP request for a page as an independent request.Session is defined as the period of time that a unique user interacts with a Web application. When a new user begins to interact with the application, a new session ID is generated and associated with all subsequent requests from that same client and stored in a cookie on the client machine.

Caching In Asp.Net

Caching is the ability to store page output and data in memory for the first time it is requested and later we can quickly retrieve them for multiple, repetitious client requests. It is like keeping a copy of something for later use, so we can reduce the load factor on Web servers and database servers by implementing caching on a Web application.
Writing Code In C#
Cache.Add("dataset", dataset, null, System.Web.Caching.Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration, new TimeSpan(0, 0, 60), System.Web.Caching.CacheItemPriority.Default, null);

How To Use Cookies ASP.NET.

Cookies provide the ability to store small amounts of data on a clients machine. It is often used to store user preferences, session variables, or identity. When the user visits your Web site another time, the application can retrieve the information it stored earlier.
The browser is responsible for managing cookies on a user system. Cookies can be created, accessed, and modified directly by script running on the client and pass between the client and server during requests.
Writing code in C#
Response.Cookies["UserName"].Value = "Ashok";
Response.Cookies["UserName"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);

How To Use Grid View Page Index Changing In Asp.Net

Here I Will Explain How to use Page Index/Pagination In Grid View.With various types of paging in ASP.NET. We use C# code to bind the SQL data with a Grid View control and use the following simple steps to make your ASP.NET Grid View control with paging enabled. The Grid View control provides you with an easy way to display the number of items on a page

What is Page Index In Asp.Net?
To show he number of items on a page in Grid View.

C# code to bind the SQL data with a Grid View control and use the following steps.
Create a SQL table

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